72 hours in Tokyo!

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The unimaginable size of the overwhelming and skyscraper-filled metropolis Tokyo is surely worth a visit alone. But also in tight and rusty by-roads we found the best cuisines with local dishes. Most of the foreigners do not understand the names of the meals nor have ever tasted them. The mixture of traditional Japanese culture, friendliness of its locals and skyrocketing buildings makes this place so unique – welcome to Tokyo!

What cheap flights and a free weekend can offer you, is nothing less than an amazing weekend trip from Australia to Tokyo in simply 72 hours!

The Japanese metropolis region  – a delicious fish market, an incredible skyline and a pulsating nightlife with gigantic luminous screens. The totally different environment can really blow your mind!

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Starting off in Roppongi, one of the so-called more international districts of the city. Surprisingly is very traditional, which you will experience once you notice you are bumping just into Asians on the street. As the sun slowly sinks in-between the office complexes, more outgoing and sometimes even crazy people start wandering the streets of Roppongi, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. To our fascination, we got to know incredible friendliness and refreshing craziness of the younger generation.

Traditional accommodation

Staying in an AirBnB with a local host was definitely one of the best choices we made. Our host provided us a traditional guest room with Japanese-style tatami mats. In traditional Japanese houses, one may find tatami mats cover the entire floor. As these mats consist of rice,  they are fairly unpleasant for sleeping. If you combine the tatami mats with futons you actually have a great bed for the night!

The host brought us to a nearby sushi place in an alley off of the main streets, far away from touristic hotspots. Usually, it’s those areas where you can find the best value for money. With a chef preparing the fresh fish and all kinds of other unidentifiable seafood in front of us, we were guaranteed a great Japanese cuisine. This incredible experience was also considerably cheaper than the pre-packed sushi one can buy in a supermarket.

Tokyo; skyline; skyscraper
Skyline of Tokyo

Without really planning to do so, we arrived just in time in Tokyo for Halloween.  Certainly, one of the craziest festivities I could ever imagine. Literally, everyone (except for us) runs around wearing Disney costumes or being batman on a motorcycle.

Although it might not be the cheapest city, an adventure to this country in the Far East with its traditional values and a mind-blowing atmosphere is a must for every traveler.

Markus Travel Tips:

Be aware – Downtown trains are only running until midnight. Cabs are fairly expensive.

Visit a restaurant, in which you cannot even read one item on the menu. – Trust me it is amazing!


Arigatou gozaimasu (Thank you!)

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