Wine capital of Argentina

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Offering culinary extravaganzas, outstanding wines and picturesque views of the Andes. This place spreads a laid-back culture with many relaxing parks as well as adventurous tours in the neighboring areas. Bienvenidos a Mendoza, Argentina.

Places in and around the city

With a bit more than 100,000 inhabitants in the city itself, you can find around pretty easily. Especially considering the major parks that are situated in a square formation around the “Plaza Independencia”.

mendoza; plaza independencia; argentina
Plaza Independencia

Walking to each of the five parks takes no longer than one or two hours and is a great way to catch up the vibe of the city and meet locals at the market on the main square.

On the other hand, several tour operators offer rafting, hiking, and horse riding experiences to ensure the fulfillment of adrenaline seekers.

Asado and nightlife

During the time I lived in Buenos Aires, I got to know a friend from Mendoza. Upon my arrival on the other side of Argentina, we directly drove to an Asado with his Argentinian friends. This special dish is typical for the country and basically is a barbecue with lots of different types of meat – it really is amazing! Arriving at around midnight at a secluded and unlit park near the city, his friends have just prepared the meat and were about to start with cooking (late dinners are classic for Argentinians). They also provided me with one of the most known drinks in Argentina – “Fernet con coca”. Surprisingly were very interested in the German way of living and the differences to Argentina. While enjoying the Argentinian peculiarities, we had a blast exchanging stereotypes of the respective countries. Thereafter, we went to a local bar, which there are plenty of in Mendoza.

Wine tour

The next day I, and a friend of mine from Germany did a wine tour consisting of four visits to different wineries in the area south of the city of Mendoza.

wine cellar; Mendoza; Argentina
Small wine cellar.

In each of those, we made a tour through the property as well as an intense tasting of the produced wines. Not only tasting great wine but also learning something about the challenges of production and pricing of their products really was interesting. For lunch, our guide stopped at an exquisite restaurant of a winery where the waitress served us one glass of wine for each course of the delicious menu.

Mendoza; Argentina; food
Four-course menu in of the wineries.

With only 4 tourists in the group the wine tour was experienced in a relaxing atmosphere. I strongly recommend doing such a wine tour, even tough you might not be a wine lover. Before I was not one either, but now I really enjoy the Malbec and others. The tour takes to traditional wineries and places with panoramic views of the Andes.

Markus Travel Tipps:
  • Walk around the five major squares in downtown Mendoza
  • For relaxing a day, visit “las thermal” in Cacheuta (including a great lunch buffet)
  • Try unfiltered wine, if offered in one of the wineries

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  1. I would love to join that wine tour! One of the classes I enjoyed so much when I was in college was our beverage management class. My classmates and I had so much fun then. We taste wines and liquors as part of the class. Then, we ate a lot also because we study what kinds of food are best for the different wines and liquors.

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