The Gateway to the Australian outback

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In the midst of the New South Wales outback on the Australian continent, a subtropical oasis awaits visitors, a mining city takes you back in history and a stunning viewpoint of the vast extent of the Australian outback.

Lake Menindee
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Setting up our camp next to a beautiful lake

Situated around the different lakes, a few campgrounds offer accommodation, great Australian outback spirit, and a refreshing atmosphere. However, some of the lakes do not contain water over the summer period (especially in December and January). But if you drive to the different ones, you will definitely find at least one lake that is suitable for a quick swim, which is bitterly needed during the summer. The water welcomes one with appealing temperature and pure relaxation feeling. Imagine shallow waters in the midst of the Australian desert, surrounded by a circle of trees standing on the shore.


We only stayed in this part of the New South Wales outback region for a single night but really enjoyed our time there. An oasis in the never-ending Australian outback! During a day with a clear blue sky, which there are plenty off, the sunset is one of the highlights as the sun slowly sinks throughout the branches of the nearby trees.

Rememberable sunset in Australia.
The old mining town Broken Hill

This town basically constitutes the gateway to the real outback, although this town already is situated in the middle of nowhere. But with almost 20,000 inhabitants it certainly is a big town in the desert. This originates due to the high occurrence of commodities. A so-called gold rush in the 1850´s was responsible for the abundant settlement in this remote region. After miners did not find gold, they started searching for other crude materials. Fulfilling the hopes of the once prosperous miners, they discovered silver. This led to the establishment of many silver mines in and around Broken Hill.


A short drive north of the base town, the ghost town Silverton can be visited. It now basically consists of the Silverton Hotel and an old mine museum, which until today can be visited. The tour in the mine is surely worth a visit not only for adventure lovers. Much about the area’s ancient history of the mine and its workers is displayed. During the tour, you really feel like lively experiencing the turbulent past of the ghost town.


Mundi Mundi Lookout overlooking the extent of the outback

Driving another ten minutes up north, you will arrive at a stunning lookout that surely needs to be visited. The Mundi Mundi Plains lookout is said to be on the edge of the world. From the top of the hill, the visitors can marvel the flat land that literally stretches out as wide as the eye can see. For me personally, this lookout opened my eyes to the width of the desert and the never ending journey of travels.

Outback, Australia
Stunning view of the vast extent of the Australian outback.


Travel Tips:


  • If you will be approached to do a challenge in the Silverton Hotel, go for it!
  • Walk around the campground during the night, you will be surprised how many kangaroos stroll around
  • Bring a spare tire in case the hot asphalt leads to cracking tires (as we have experienced)
  • Our preferred campground in the area was “Burke and Wills Campsite”, good facilities and friendly owners.


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