Fiji – a tropical and isolated escape

Fiji, Paradise

Enjoy lying in the hammock on the beach, listening to the ever-continuing waves breaking on the shoreline and let the tropical heat fully relax your body. The idyllic islands of Fiji really are worth a trip.

Fiji, Paradise
Live life to the fullest. Experience paradise.

Around 1,100 nautical miles northeast of New Zealand´s north island, the island archipelago of Fiji is situated. Approximately 330 unique islands, out of which 1/3 is permanently inhabited, form the entire nation. The capital Suva lays on the biggest island Viti Levu, which is south of the southern major island of Fiji Vanua Levu. The vast majority of the nation´s population live on the two major islands.

The natural landscape on the islands is diverse and can best be described as tropical marine climate. This basically means that its warm all-year around but you will experience some rainfalls, probably on most days. The impact of the volcanic activity on these islands is perceptible, while some islands are still active in a geothermic way.

Tropical experience

During our trip, we mainly stayed in two places, in total for a period of 5 days. A bit too short in the hindsight, as we had a bloody good time on the remote islands.

Fiji, bus ride
Bus ride across farms.

We arrived in Nadi in the north of Viti Levu, where the biggest airport is situated. One decided to explore the city for a bit before moving in our hostel next to the beach near Nadi. The city itself appeared to be very relaxed but at the same time a chaotic order was somehow predominant as well. Our first stop was a local market with lots of fresh fruits and the famous kava root. I will explain more about Kava in later paragraphs. The most iconic thing I still remember to this day very vividly is that uncountable pineapples were carried around in wheelbarrows in this open market. I can only highly recommend visiting such a market as it always is a great way to get a feeling for the local vibe and people.

Fiji, Nadi, market
Local market in Nadi.

On the way back home to our first hostel, we encountered a local, who approached us and whom we talked with for around 30 minutes (buses obviously do not run that frequently on Fiji). He told us a lot about his family, the Fijian culture and we even exchange our Emails before saying goodbye. Incredibly friendly people.

Paradise of Fiji


But actually, who visits Fiji to see the city? Nature is literally breathtaking and offers far more enjoyment than walking around the city during a very hot day. While the beach at our hostel near Nadi was not very special but rather average, we were surprised about the wonderful environment at our second hostel.

Fiji, Beachhouse
Secluded Beachhouse in Fiji.

We stayed at the Beachhouse on the southern shore of the main island. In my opinion, it offers outstanding value for money. Accommodation is very affordable (for Fijian conditions), a relaxed common area is directly next to the beach and an untouched and secluded beach, surrounded by palm trees. Probably one of the best cheaper resorts I´ve ever stayed in.

In terms of prices, be aware that Fiji is more expensive than you might have expected. That´s a least what we experienced. Especially food and drinks are “quite expensive”. But if you are traveling to Fiji from Australia or New Zealand you should not be worried at all, as prices are obviously much lower in Fiji.



We spent a couple days in the Beachhouse and enjoyed the sun as well as other fun activities. As Fiji inherits more than 300 islands, why just stay on one? So, we participated in an excursion/day-trip to two other islands. Just off the coast of one of them a great snorkeling spot was available and we had the chance to view the incredible rich underwater world of the Fijian waters. Afterwards, we were invited for a fresh BBQ on the beach with the local people from the island. Quite surprisingly, the English of the locals was exceptionally well.

Hammock, Fiji
Relax in Fiji.

As mentioned earlier, the volcanic activity has not left the land untouched. So even many small island look spectacular with incredible beaches and sharp hills just behind them, covering most of the lush forest in an undiscovered area. With one of the tour guides we then did an intense jungle trek up the steep hills. On the way back we stopped at the smallest real island I have ever stood on. You could circle this island in around 2 minutes.


Further activities can include jungle treks on the main island, reef shark snorkeling, beach volleyball, BBQ or drinking games with fellow travelers on the beach.

Travel Tips:
  • Yes, the famous and very expensive Fiji water actually comes from Fiji. In Fiji you can buy the Fiji water at every corner for very little money.
  • Fiji is also a great spot for surfing. Especially intermediaries can surely have fun on the waves near the shorelines of the islands.




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