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How to find the right travel accommodation

This basically is a guide where to stay during your voyages around the globe. As you know there are uncountable available options around and we want to share our experiences with most of the options.

The place where you spend the night is always of crucial importance. Whether it might be an uncomfortable bed, a dirty restroom, weird people or simply a bad location of your accommodation, it can (partly) ruin your trip. Whilst traveling you mostly do not spend your time at your preferred hotel, hostel or apartment but rather you are out exploring the surroundings. But nevertheless, from my experience, I can tell that the place where I stayed overnight still heavily impacted my overall experience in this location.

In this post, I want to over the best ways to find the perfect travel accommodation.

When deciding where to stay it´s all about your preferences – do you like it fancy? Do you want to meet a lot of new people? Are you willing to share a room with strangers? How much can you afford?

Next, to your preferences your destination also plays an important part in the accommodation selection process. If for example you are traveling through the Australian outback and want to spend time in nature, a tent can be a more appropriate solution in comparison to a high-end hotel.


But first things first. If you travel on a tight budget, you might think about staying in a hostel. Hostels are great for meeting new people from all over the world, savings bucks whilst traveling and genuinely having a good and social experience. How do hostels work?

Usually hostels offer dorms with anywhere from 3 to 40 beds in a room, providing a wide variety of options. A pricier alternative are private dorms which offer space for 1-2 people. The best thing about hostels, in my opinion, are common space and joint events such as a pub crawl, city walking tours or others. In the socially engaging environment, you literally meet the most amazing and unique individuals you´ll ever get to know. In a hostel in Fiji, I once played a drinking game with a 60 yr. old American who lived in Panama since selling his company and now travels the world and shares his experiences. While traveling through Brazil I got to know a Swedish couple in a hostel in Buziós (near Rio de Janeiro ). He shared his music with me, as he was an aspiring DJ.

New Zealand, Queenstown, hostel, beer
View from hostel from room balcony in Queenstown, New Zealand

Where to find such experiences? Head over to and check out their best deals. Before booking on their site, consider checking the own website of the respective hostel and see if you can get a better bargain.


A more luxurious option are hotels. Don´t get me wrong I love to stay in hostels, as described above, but sometimes I just see such an incredible hotel that I cannot hesitate but to book. From my personal experience, I book hotels out of either two reasons. The first one being that I see such a unique and amazing hotel with nice add-ons or views that I just want to experience. The second reason is if I am traveling on a tight time schedule, meaning that I hop from city to city every two days. It is just less stressful and more convenient to do so.

The best deals are on for sure. But the same as mentioned above applies as well. First look at the hotel´s own website before booking with a provider.

Private Apartments

Another option is to stay in an apartment hosted by complete strangers when traveling. It works like this: Somebody rents out their entire home, a spare room or just a couch to travelers needing accommodation in the area. I´ve stayed in private apartments for several times and never had a bad or disappointing experience. In order to ensure to keep it that way, I have my own checklist that I go through when booking an apartment:


  1. Does the host have reviews? If none or several negative reviews, I would recommend choosing a different apartment.
  2. Is the host active? What is the response rate? I would not want to book an apartment but would have to wait for confirmation for a week.
  3. Is the host verified? Profiles that are verified simply mediate more confidence.
  4. Photo amount and quality of the listing/host? Without sufficient photos backing the description of the listing, you cannot be sure about the listing´s accurateness and it´s quality.

And finally, always look for local renters. Usually, they contributed personal and traditional touch (of the respective country) in their listing and they might even give you some tips about the area or show you around.

hot tub, Spain, AirBnB
Unique AirBnB in Spain with outdoor hot tub!

Great websites for booking apartments are and


Another way of staying in private apartments is through Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is, however, quite special as hosts on this website offer FREE accommodation! Although they usually only provide you with a spare couch, it´s a great way to travel and meet incredible people. It is also very safe as you can always check the individual reviews for each host.

If you prefer another type of accommodation, Couchsurfing still might be something for you. They actually host events in all major cities around the world, ranging from normal gatherings in bars to free walking tours around the city. I myself have attended such events in Moscow, Stuttgart and Buenos Aires. It certainly is the perfect way to meet new people and make some friends. It worked out great especially in Buenos Aires and now can call several Couchsurfers my friends.

Nature lovers

For nature lovers & in the right setting I prefer a tent on the beach rather than a king size box spring bed in some hotel.

Sunrise, Australia, camping, Fraser Island
Camping right at the beach catching the morning sunrise at Fraser Island, Australia

Never underestimate camp fires and camping in general with your friends!

In the end, it comes down to your preferences. All of these options have their advantages and their price tag. Budget your travels to make it sustainable.
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