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Markus and I asked ourselves, why do we actually want to run a blog. During the coming weeks we want to talk about, why we are writing, researching and go on adventures while others relax, watch television or travel to a beach once a year and enjoy their all inclusive resort. So why are we doing it? Indeed, it is a good question. But something in us, is motivating us.


“Accurate information is a key part of motivation.”

As Mary Ann Hilson said, giving people the right information, they can be motivated. So we want to motivate you to travel, therefore we share our knowledge and information.


How it started

Over the last couple of years, more and more friends, and even friends of friends asked us for advice on where to go and what to do.  Our friends followed our advices and had a great time abroad. Since we both prefer to travel off the beaten track and make the most out of our limited holidays, we use guides ourselves to get an basic idea about our destination. However, in most cases, once we get to a place, we try to discover the most on our own and also rely on word-to-mouth tips from fellow travelers to get an authentic idea. Often we try to connect with some locals, also via Couchsurfing, to get the true picture, because they will not only take you to the most known  sights, but also to the hidden gems.

During my gap year, when I travelled around the world, I didn’t really use and travel guide nor looked for a lot of information. This resulted in a “lets see where the flow takes me” journey.  I made numerous notes during my adventures. Every single day I wrote down what I did, what I liked and what was struggling. Now I got a folder full of wrinkled, partly broken, tattered and dirty sheets with notes from places ranging from Europe, to Dubai , Beijing, New Zealand and Latin America. Last year I went through all my notes, some of them are hardly readable, and I thought this valuable information and experience should be available to more people than me and my close friends.

In the past years, Markus experienced a lot of overseas stays and exciting trips. He was fortunate enough to be able to travel to many different parts of the world. Amongst other places he visited, he lived in Australia, Argentina and the United States. These unforgettable experiences unveiled a loser look on to different cultures to him. He immediately loved the whole adventure of meeting new people all around the globe, accumulating fascinating stories and seeing some of the most beautiful parts of the earth.


Why do we share our knowledge?

Finally, Markus and I started to run hunting.places. to give you authentic travel experiences and motivate you to go on a journey. Since all our posts and advices are based on our personal experience, we want to deliver you our honest advice. We also want to give you information in a concluded way without any unnecessary stuff, because as we well know, getting information from the internet, is like taking a drink from a water hydrant. No matter where we went to, whether disappointed or totally stunned, we returned with a lot of stories in our luggage. We will keep on hunting places and will share our experiences.


Our information sources today

Since our time is more limited today and with “only” 30 days off per year, we actually need a little bit of planning. Our travel experience indeed helps us to find great adventures instinctively, but still, we need to revert to other sources since we are willing to visit new places on every trip. We will tell you where you we are looking for information soon and will provide some travel guides written by ourselves.


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