The unknown Granada


Everybody knows Granada and indeed, this Andalusian city should be on everyone´s bucket list. But have you heard of the oldest Nicaraguan colonial city called Granada? Probably not, some may even struggle with finding the country on a map. On my journey through Central America, I visited this places and was fascinated.

Located on the north-western shores of Lake Nicaragua, Granada was once a sort of Caribbean Port for the Spanish. However, to reach the lake, the ships had to travel up the Rio San Juan river. Today the accessibility has improved a bit and Granada can be reached by plane from the international airport of Managua (1 hour by taxi).  Or you do it like I did it, and take the bus from Costa Rica for a couple of Dollars and you get to see Costa Rica as well.

So why should you go to Granada in Nicaragua? And why will you love it?

First of all, Granada is a very colorful place. People are friendly. There is plenty to see in the city and around the city. Prices are low and in fact, it is one of the safest places in Central America. During the evening and at nighttime bars and clubs are open and it is easy to party until the sun comes up again.

View from Iglesia La Merced

These are my personal recommendations for your trip do Granada:

  • Stay four nights
  • Visit Plaza de Catedral, Calle La Calzada and Parque Central
  • Climb up the bell tower of the Iglesia La Merced
  • Take photos of the colorful houses
  • Hire a bicycle and explore the city
  • Refresh yourself with a swim in Lake Nicaragua
  • Eat Gallo Pinto (for breakfast, lunch and dinner – its considered a national symbol)
  • Go out at night!
  • Try Flor de Caña Rum with Coke
  • Drink some ice cold Toña Beer
  • 1/2 day trip to the Isletas de Granda (Definitely worth it)
  • 1/2 day trip to Masaya Volcano (I’d do it again)

From Granada, you have several options to continue your journey in Nicaragua. You can travel to Leon, another colonial city full of students, head to San Juan del Sur for a perfect beach holiday, explore the wild island of the Lake Nicaragua “Isla de Ometepe” (read more here) or fly to the corn island – a perfect Caribbean getaway.

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