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Be free

Every time I hear the expression “Be free” I can only think about a state of mind in which I feel relieved from any kind of stress or dependencies I have in daily life. Being free means tapping into an exciting environment in which you get goose bumps due to the ability to experience a certain moment.

But what exactly does it mean in the realm of traveling?

I associate being free with my best travel experiences to date. Whether it be driving in a 1986 Mercedes E-class through the Australian outback, tasting the wines of Mendoza with a view on the Argentinian Andes or spending the night under a sky full of stars in a remote island in the Philippines, I always had that very special feeling of being free. When I´m going on a weekend trip from Germany to Israel I have the kind of feeling of being free to choose where and how I spend my time. The most excited times are those when you step into your rental car in the morning and have a whole day to spend in an unknown environment – and there comes the road trip with good company!

it is like an escape from everyday life which inspires me to keep on working hard to be able to enjoy these kinds of experiences in the future as well. It is the exact feeling where you cannot get enough of the current moment and would want to last forever. It´s those kinds of experiences that you tell your friends & family of and mention these moments as the highlights of a specific vacation. It´s those experiences that others envy you for. Having gratitude for these inspiring and fulfilling moments even more encourages your awareness of the surroundings. The realisation of the incredible moments and experiences you were and continuously are able to enjoy, poise you towards gratitude. This is what inspires me each day!

When talking about “being free” it´s all about having freedom from whatever it is that is holding you back. From dependencies and contingencies that you wish were not there and simply enjoying your time.

I often associate being free with spending time in natural surroundings. This is certainly the case as you remove yourself completely from your everyday environment, being an office or a busy inner city life.

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