Island life – Boracay (Philippines)

Sunset, Boracay

White sand purely rinses off your feet while you walk from your beach lounger to the edge of the sea. Before entering the crystal clear turquoise water you pause for a moment to enjoy the panoramic view. The wide ocean and the lush tropical forest conquering parts of beaches on the horizon. You start smiling. Grateful to be where you are.

Turquoise water, Boracay
Turquoise Ocean in Boracay, Philippines

With 12 km² the island itself is quite small, which you realize quite easily as roads are usually narrow and quite busy. The main village on Boracay is situated at the west-side close to the popular White Beach Boracay. As accommodation can be quite expensive during the peak travel times of the year, consider booking a hostel or look for good deals in advance. If your budget permits more and you love golf, check out the Fairways hotel in the north of the island. The have a huge resort with picturesque beaches and a tropical golf course. They also host BBQ dinners on the beach and offer good deals during Happy hour in one of the several pool bars. Simply an incredible feeling when enjoying a tropical drink in the pool bar overlooking the tropical forest and the ocean.

Boracay, Pool bar
Infinity Pool + Pool bar
As for the main village there are a few things to expect.
  • There will be tourists, usually a lot!
  • The village itself and its roads are still quite underdeveloped (except for beach front houses) and chaotic – surprising for a very touristic place (in my opinion). But this makes the trip even more special.
  • Sunset at White Beach are magnificent!! Do not miss it.
Sunset, Boracay
Sunset in Boracay, Philippines

At the beach front, there are several good restaurants but in our experience, it is best to try out restaurants a bit off of the main touristic hotspots – you´ll get better value for money.

When strolling along the sand promenade you will find yourself possibly in beach bars, turning into outside clubs during night, fruit bars with tropical fruit shakes with ingredients you have not even heard of or you will enjoy a massage for only a few bucks (always negotiate prices if possible).

Generally, the nightlife is awesome in Boracay. In our hostel, there basically was a party each night, making the stay worthwhile. Although we have not participated in it, consider going on an organized pub crawl to meet awesome people and get to the best spots. Drinks are affordable as well.

beach bar, Boracay
Beach bar in Boracay

When thinking back to my travels in the Philippines I often think about my favorite places I have visited.  Truth be told, Boracay is not my favorite place as it is very touristic and some parts of the island are unfortunately quite dirty. I prefer Caramoan and the surrounding (uninhabited) islands. But when I think about an amazing route through the Philippines with the possibility to experience a great variety of experiences, I would stop in Boracay for sure. The combination of beautiful beaches, international people and the outgoing attitude in Boracay make it a special place not to be missed.

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