What an incredible year 2017

The year has almost ended and like most people we question ourselves how the hell time has flown by so quickly over the past 12 months. However, this project (hunting.places.) is not only a random website that aims at inspiring others to travel (it also serves this purpose but there are plenty of websites out there to solely focus in this aspect) but I and Andre see hunting.places. more like a documentation of our personal journeys. With each destination we collect a different perspective on the world and get a glimpse of various types of lives, which is an incredible gift for us!

Therefore, each story that we share on here has high intrinsic value for us personally and thereby we hope to provide value for readers simultaneously.

We want to share our journey and our progression in terms of pushing our comfort zones when traveling as I honestly think many people out there miss out on incredible experiences simply due to self-imposed limitations on what might be interesting places to travel too. The reason for this thought process is my personal journey to where I am today. I come from a background of being frightened of traveling to exotic and faraway places without the protecting shelter of family or travel agencies.

I continuously learned that the best value for money is obtained when you take the road less traveled. It surprises me what you can do with the money you would spend for one week summer holidays in Mallorca (classic German tourism). Not to say here that Mallorca is not beautiful (it actually is stunning in my opinion) but due to high demand, prices will shoot up during summer. If your circumstances admit, look of flight offers, try out exotic travel destinations and plan everything well in advance. These are basically the takeaways of what has been an incredible 2017.

Now some facts and figures:












Andre and I are truly grateful for the opportunities and experiences we were able to enjoy this year. In total, Andre and I visited 28 countries in the past 365 days. From those trips we uphold unforgettable experiences, meet wonderful people and saw natural beauty in its most extensive form.

My personal highlights from 2017 include

New years eve in Gibraltar

Spending one night in a Moroccan Medina

A road trip through Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

Drinking Port wine in Porto, Portugal

Visiting beautiful Iceland

Travelling to the mystical Lake Song Kul in Kyrgyzstan

Exploring Asia, especially Cambodia and the Philippines

Enjoying the nightlife in Tel Aviv and swimming in the Dead Sea (Israel)

Meeting Argentinian friends in Budapest

Enjoying the Spanish sun in November

Partying at the German Oktoberfest in London .

Spending new years in Kiev, Ukraine (post will follow for sure!).

Lets see what adventures will come in a phenomenal year 2018!

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