Visiting Israel & Palastine in 2017

Caves, Israel

We were fortunate enough to be able to travel to Israel as well as Palastine this year, and was stunned by its landscape, people and diversity. Although it is quite a struggle to get through customs and immigration officers, it is totally worth the hassle. It is beautiful country with lots to see.

Tel Aviv, beach
Spending November in sunny Tel Aviv!

Whether it be strolling through the metropolitan city of Tel Aviv-Yafo, visiting the religious hub Jersualem, floating in the Dead Sea or snorkeling in the Red sea in the very south of the country, you will have an awesome time traveling.

Tel Aviv is a beautiful metropolis directly located at the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea with pristine beaches (for a city environment), delicious food and a vibrating night life. In my experience, you can easily connect with locals and they will ensure that you have an unforgettable time in the country. When daylight hits the high-raking skyscrapers in the modern part of town, be sure to be taken back in time in the old town and the Jaffa Port of Tel-Aviv.

With the good infrastructure in the country, it is no problem for travelers to move from one part of the country towards another one. We left early in Tel-Aviv and slowly made our way to the Dead Sea and stopping at worthy sights along the way. Just keep looking out for National Parks, they are usually stunning!

Caves, Israel
Magnificent point of view.
The Dead Sea

As pointed out already, I completely fell in love with the Dead Sea. A vast landscape, beautiful mountain formations and the magical Dead Sea of course, unveil the true beauty of the area.

When moving north of the Dead Sea, we stopped for lunch in Jericho, a Palestinian city, just north west of the Dead Sea. We probably enjoyed on the best Shawarmas there, we ever had tasted in our lives. With attention to detail, we were offered more that fast food. The bread was slightly warm with a crusty surface, filled with fresh vegetables and meat enriched with barbecue sauce.

Dead Sea, viewing point, desert
Viewing point over the Dead Sea.

Thereafter, we made our way to Jerusalem, one of the most important cities for religious visitors in Israel. Personally, I mostly enjoyed the beautiful architecture and the feeling of being taken back in time with the city walls surrounding the old town, which consists of hundreds of small paths, packed with small shops and tourists (of course). Jerusalem has a lot to offer, so it is best to spend at least two nights there but be prepared for lots of religious tourists.

We definitely had a great time in both Israel and Palastine, that’s why we are returning to visit the south of the country,  Eilat and it´s surroundings.

What a fascinating city!

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