With each destination, we learnt something new about the world. Like how to understand a greeting in an unknown language. How to say a name on a map that we have been pronouncing wrong.  Simple lessons about life are unveiled like words filling on an empty page. Then you get the chance to meet the invisible authors – little countries, unknown cultures and people we barely knew anything about, become familiar.

Adventurers have always hunted the unknown and often, the most uncharted places are believed to hold the brightest jewels.



Well why are we doing all this, what is our intention? Well, its a hard question and the answer probably not very rational. However, during our trips, we met many people and each somehow shaped us how we are today. They gave us tips, they motivated, we shared incredible experiences, we appreciated things together, they taught us how to reconnect to people and nature, they gave us a feeling of being free.

We simply want to do exactly the same and share all the great memories with you, give you our honest advice, motivate you, want you to understand that nothing can substitute experiences and unforgettable moments, teach you how to reconnect, to be free and to appreciate all the things you may take for granted.





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