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Hi, everybody, my name is Andre and I would like to introduce myself here.

Travelling is an essential part of my life and I try to do it as often as I can. Actually, I went on my first overseas journey when I was two years old and since then I loved it. When I was 16 I went to England for four weeks to a language school and met incredible people. This trip was followed by several other trips. In 2013 I decided to go on a trip around the world. I started with a friend and travelled to Dubai , Beijing, Hong Kong , Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore . Then I spent 8 months in New Zealand and met an amazing family who invited me to stay at their place. I have earned money by doing different jobs. I was working on a kiwi fruit plantation and on a vineyard, helped a family moving from one place to another and relocated rental cars. Seriously, most of the jobs were physically demanding and I hated it. But now, if I look at it, I have to admit, every job I have done has somehow changed my life and my appreciation of things. I would not have done a single thing differently. After my time in New Zealand, I travelled to Australia, Samoa, Tonga, the Cook Islands, Los Angeles, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and finally the Dominican Republic.  In total, I travelled around 97,000 kilometres, 38 flights and spent uncountable hours in the cars or buses. It was truly amazing. What a journey. So many experiences. So many encounters. Just breathtaking and fascinating.

When I got back to Germany, I started to study International Business, I mean, what else could you study after such a trip. 😉 No seriously, I love what I study and I had the chance to spend a semester abroad in Australia and together with my trip around the world, it was the best time of my life. My good mate Markus and I, share the passion of travelling and exploring different countries and places. From then on, we visited many different places together. A few months later, I worked in Moscow for two months and again I was totally surprised in a positive way. But more trips were yet to come, to St. Petersburg, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay and many others.

In my opinion, travelling is a thing that makes you richer on so many different levels. It educates you, makes you more open-minded person, broadens your horizon and can change your attitude towards life massively.

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