24 hours in Istanbul

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On a cloudy, winterly Wednesday afternoon in December, I had another idead of doing something spontaneous. My travel obsessions had seized me again and I looked for flights heading South. Knowing that my time would be very limited due to a work meeting on Sunday afternoon, the extent of choices was rather small. After evualating […]


The capital of the Khmer Empire

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The alarm rings at 4:00am. We are preparing ourselves for an extraordinary day in the capital of the former Khmer Empire – Angkor. The complex, measuring 162 hectares, is the largest religious monument in the world. We arrived in front of the main complex at 5:oo in the morning. Slowly, the sun climbed above the […]


The “following lake” – Song Kul

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The idea to travel to remote places always haunted me. This year I realised one of my dreams and went to Kyrgyzstan together with two friends. We travelled to Song Kul, literally meaning the following lake. The wide open landscape create a giant stage for constant performances of symphonic cloudscapes. As the sun flashes or […]

Lahos Island

Caramoan – an undiscovered paradise

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Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting on a beach, feeling the sand particles gliding through your fingers, hearing the wind going through the leaves of palm trees, sensing the warm clear Philippine Sea playing around your toes and your eyes are wandering along the rough limestone formations – yes this place can be called paradise. […]


The unknown Granada

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Everybody knows Granada and indeed, this Andalusian city should be on everyone´s bucket list. But have you heard of the oldest Nicaraguan colonial city called Granada? Probably not, some may even struggle with finding the country on a map. On my journey through Central America, I visited this places and was fascinated. Located on the […]