Yerevan, Fountain, Armenia,

Yerevan – an unkown capital.

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Where the hell is Yerevan? To be honest, many people asked me this question, being totally unaware of this hidden gem. Located at the geographic heart of the Armenian Republic, this city offers a surprising variety and cosmopolitan lifestyle. A typical morning starts with strolling around and getting a good coffee at the Green Bean […]

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka for the first time!

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 Must read guide if you are going to Sri Lanka for the first time! by Bavani Srinu, the founder of Sri Lanka is a great holiday destination. It has pristine beaches, adventure, wildlife, nightlife, culture, heritage, mountains, valleys and so much more. However, until 2009, Sri Lanka was known for the civil war that prevailed over […]

24 hours in Istanbul

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On a cloudy, winterly Wednesday afternoon in December, I had another idead of doing something spontaneous. My travel obsessions had seized me again and I looked for flights heading South. Knowing that my time would be very limited due to a work meeting on Sunday afternoon, the extent of choices was rather small. After evualating […]


The capital of the Khmer Empire

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The alarm rings at 4:00am. We are preparing ourselves for an extraordinary day in the capital of the former Khmer Empire – Angkor. The complex, measuring 162 hectares, is the largest religious monument in the world. We arrived in front of the main complex at 5:oo in the morning. Slowly, the sun climbed above the […]

Sunset, Boracay

Island life – Boracay (Philippines)

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White sand purely rinses off your feet while you walk from your beach lounger to the edge of the sea. Before entering the crystal clear turquoise water you pause for a moment to enjoy the panoramic view. The wide ocean and the lush tropical forest conquering parts of beaches on the horizon. You start smiling. […]

Lahos Island

Caramoan – an undiscovered paradise

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Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting on a beach, feeling the sand particles gliding through your fingers, hearing the wind going through the leaves of palm trees, sensing the warm clear Philippine Sea playing around your toes and your eyes are wandering along the rough limestone formations – yes this place can be called paradise. […]

Svaneti; Ushguli; Georgia; Towers; Mountains; Caucasus; Trekking

The towers of Svaneti

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The sunlight conquers the surrounding snowy peaks of the long isolated valleys of Svaneti. It slowly climbs over the high ridges and suffuses the deep valleys with a light. Walking through the flowery lush meadows, breathing the clear cold air, streaming down from the glaciers is like experiencing and old dream. You close your eyes, you lie […]

Halloween; Tokyo; Japan; costume

72 hours in Tokyo!

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The unimaginable size of the overwhelming and skyscraper-filled metropolis Tokyo is surely worth a visit alone. But also in tight and rusty by-roads we found the best cuisines with local dishes. Most of the foreigners do not understand the names of the meals nor have ever tasted them. The mixture of traditional Japanese culture, friendliness of its […]