Planting trees around the world

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Trees – not only a symbol for sustainability and natural preservation but also an essential part of every ecosystem around our planet. Trees provide us with natural beauty, water storage and most importantly clean air that we use for our survival. Trees are an integral part of our environment. Therefore, it is our duty to […]


The “following lake” – Song Kul

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The idea to travel to remote places always haunted me. This year I realised one of my dreams and went to Kyrgyzstan together with two friends. We travelled to Song Kul, literally meaning the following lake. The wide open landscape create a giant stage for constant performances of symphonic cloudscapes. As the sun flashes or […]

Svaneti; Ushguli; Georgia; Towers; Mountains; Caucasus; Trekking


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Welcome to our blog series about conquering continents, experiencing culture and breathtaking nature! In November of 2016 we decided to take our travels to the next level and share our most interesting stories here on this blog page. As we have just started, please excuse any technical issues and the few amount of available blog […]