Lahos Island

Caramoan – an undiscovered paradise

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Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting on a beach, feeling the sand particles gliding through your fingers, hearing the wind going through the leaves of palm trees, sensing the warm clear Philippine Sea playing around your toes and your eyes are wandering along the rough limestone formations – yes this place can be called paradise. […]


The unknown Granada

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Everybody knows Granada and indeed, this Andalusian city should be on everyone´s bucket list. But have you heard of the oldest Nicaraguan colonial city called Granada? Probably not, some may even struggle with finding the country on a map. On my journey through Central America, I visited this places and was fascinated. Located on the […]


Isla bonita – Isla de Ometepe

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Our journey begins early in the morning. We took a taxi from Rivas to a small port on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. After organizing ourselves some ferry tickets, we boarded a 40 year old rusty ferry.  We left the shoreline behind us and after an our it disappeared completely while the two volcanoes Concepcion […]

St. Petersburg bridges

The city of Peter the Great – St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg – Russia’s gateway to Europe. Impressive, majestical, imperious, and just beautiful. Over centuries the centre of political power and until today the literary and cultural capital of the Russian Federation. Traversed by more than 60 rivers and canals, the city of Peter the Great is also called the Venice of the North. Around […]

Albania, Tirana

Ever heard of Tirana?

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We never had Tirana on our bucket list, but actually, this capital and beating heart of Albania is just amazing and offers a lot of fun. Tirana underwent a huge transformation from a communist capital to a city of modern consumerism. Cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs –  Tirana has got it all – and by […]