Warsaw city centre

Stories of Warsaw

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Our trip to Warsaw began just after Christmas last year. Although the country is directly next to Germany, many people are not familiar with the Polish culture, history and way of live, myself included. That was among the reasons for going to Poland, but not to forget the cheap flights (10€ Karlsruhe- Warsaw). Upon arrival […]

Vilnius, Lithuania

Exploring the unknown Lithuania – Vilnius

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With around 500,000 inhabitants, the city of Vilnius has the perfect size. When you stroll through the cozy cobblestone streets in downtown, you are not overwhelmed by chaos by rather fascinated by the harmonious environment the city is characterized by. From Vilnius International Airport it is best to take a Taxi or Uber towards the […]

Planting trees around the world

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Trees – not only a symbol for sustainability and natural preservation but also an essential part of every ecosystem around our planet. Trees provide us with natural beauty, water storage and most importantly clean air that we use for our survival. Trees are an integral part of our environment. Therefore, it is our duty to […]

Sunset, Boracay

Island life – Boracay (Philippines)

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White sand purely rinses off your feet while you walk from your beach lounger to the edge of the sea. Before entering the crystal clear turquoise water you pause for a moment to enjoy the panoramic view. The wide ocean and the lush tropical forest conquering parts of beaches on the horizon. You start smiling. […]

Be free

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Every time I hear the expression “Be free” I can only think about a state of mind in which I feel relieved from any kind of stress or dependencies I have in daily life. Being free means tapping into an exciting environment in which you get goose bumps due to the ability to experience a […]

Hidden gems of Iceland

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Imagine standing at the very edge of a steep shore where you have a panoramic view of powerful waves pushing into a scenic bay, full of chirping birds and the sound of the sea. You are grateful for the view and enjoy the shallow winds coming at you from far off the coast. If you […]