Things to do in Iceland

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Iceland – the country in which the population of sheep outgrows the human population. It is a country of peaceful and untouched nature. Gracious horses stroll through lush grass with more than enough space to move freely. Experience new landscapes and the hospitality of locals on a daily basis. Flying to Iceland in summer basically […]

Lahos Island

Caramoan – an undiscovered paradise

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Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting on a beach, feeling the sand particles gliding through your fingers, hearing the wind going through the leaves of palm trees, sensing the warm clear Philippine Sea playing around your toes and your eyes are wandering along the rough limestone formations – yes this place can be called paradise. […]

Iceland – an unforgettable adventure

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As my first northern country (as being based in Germany) I chose to travel to the rather unusual travel destination of Iceland. At first I searched for pictures of this magnificent country and was fascinated at first glimpse. The landscape of Iceland is the most diverse I have ever seen.  The volcanic nature of Iceland […]

Reconnect with nature

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To reconnect – to connect back together       In times of the fast-paced environment, constant connectivity and digitalization, most people overlook truly important things and rather focus on the Facebook timeline. We have become numb to truly realizing the beauty of nature and it seems that we have lost curiosity in exploring historic monuments and […]

Appreciate differences

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To appreciate – meaning to recognize the full worth of something and understanding all implications of a specific situation.   Whilst traveling through various parts of the world, I have come across different cultural beliefs, different people from different social classes and have experienced the lifestyle in each and every respective country. To be fair, […]

Motivation & Inspiration for travel

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Motivation – it gives the reasons für people´s actions, desires, and dreams.   That is why motivation is a key aspect of our daily lives. It is what gets us up in the morning, or what drives us to our personal limits to achieve outstanding results. It is what makes us curious about other people […]


The unknown Granada

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Everybody knows Granada and indeed, this Andalusian city should be on everyone´s bucket list. But have you heard of the oldest Nicaraguan colonial city called Granada? Probably not, some may even struggle with finding the country on a map. On my journey through Central America, I visited this places and was fascinated. Located on the […]