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Wine capital of Argentina

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Offering culinary extravaganzas, outstanding wines and picturesque views of the Andes. This place spreads a laid-back culture with many relaxing parks as well as adventurous tours in the neighboring areas. Bienvenidos a Mendoza, Argentina. Places in and around the city With a bit more than 100,000 inhabitants in the city itself, you can find around […]

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72 hours in Moscow

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It is dirty, expensive, cold, dangerous and the locals are unfriendly. Yes, you are right, I am talking about Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation. Fortunately, the mentioned stereotypes are anything but true. Join me on a short trip to Europe’s largest and surprisingly refreshing cosmopolitan city that has way more to offer than what […]

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Welcome to our blog series about conquering continents, experiencing culture and breathtaking nature! In November of 2016 we decided to take our travels to the next level and share our most interesting stories here on this blog page. As we have just started, please excuse any technical issues and the few amount of available blog […]

Svaneti; Ushguli; Georgia; Towers; Mountains; Caucasus; Trekking

The towers of Svaneti

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The sunlight conquers the surrounding snowy peaks of the long isolated valleys of Svaneti. It slowly climbs over the high ridges and suffuses the deep valleys with a light. Walking through the flowery lush meadows, breathing the clear cold air, streaming down from the glaciers is like experiencing and old dream. You close your eyes, you lie […]

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72 hours in Tokyo!

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The unimaginable size of the overwhelming and skyscraper-filled metropolis Tokyo is surely worth a visit alone. But also in tight and rusty by-roads we found the best cuisines with local dishes. Most of the foreigners do not understand the names of the meals nor have ever tasted them. The mixture of traditional Japanese culture, friendliness of its […]