Who are we?

“We are huntin places together”

Reconnect. Be free. Hunt for places.

When we started traveling together, we agreed on taking a selfie, wherever we think it is worth it to take one.  The result: Hundreds of selfies. Every selfie somehow hides an unforgettable story. We met great people, laughed a lot, learned so much and broadened our horizon. Sometimes we also experienced difficulties or show up too late at the airport. 😀

Anyway, we are convinced that traveling makes you a better and “richer” person. It doesn’t matter where we are heading to, we are following our motto reconnect to people, be free and hunt for the best places.

How did it start?

We met each other during our economic studies in a German university. In 2015, we decided to go to Australia in order to pursue our personal dream – a study abroad semester in Gold Coast, just closely off of Brisbane (Brizzie). Before we went to Australia together, we did not really know each other, but this changed quickly. We found out that both of us are passionate travelers and a foundation for a great friendship was laid. During our time in Australia, we went to several places and left Gold Coast every other weekend. After 4 months in Gold Coast, we did a road trip with a 30-year-old Mercedes-Benz and also spent a couple of days in New Zealand. From this point on, we continued traveling in Europe, South America, Asia, and Oceania.

We were always talking about doing something next to our studies and jobs and had the idea to start this travel blog. Our intention is to change the way how people travel and to illustrate the positive and sometimes negative aspects of traveling. We are convinced, that, however, goes on a long trip, leaves his comfort zone, will come home as a “richer” person.

With this blog, we want to tell you why you should go, travel and leave your comfort zone. How to travel authentically and consciously. How travel may affect your personal life and development and we also want to share our best experiences with you.

Places we visited already!