Iceland – an unforgettable adventure

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As my first northern country (as being based in Germany) I chose to travel to the rather unusual travel destination of Iceland. At first I searched for pictures of this magnificent country and was fascinated at first glimpse. The landscape of Iceland is the most diverse I have ever seen.  The volcanic nature of Iceland […]

Reconnect with nature

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To reconnect – to connect back together       In times of the fast-paced environment, constant connectivity and digitalization, most people overlook truly important things and rather focus on the Facebook timeline. We have become numb to truly realizing the beauty of nature and it seems that we have lost curiosity in exploring historic monuments and […]

Appreciate differences

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To appreciate – meaning to recognize the full worth of something and understanding all implications of a specific situation.   Whilst traveling through various parts of the world, I have come across different cultural beliefs, different people from different social classes and have experienced the lifestyle in each and every respective country. To be fair, […]

Slovenia, river

72 hours in Slovenia

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With around 2 million inhabitants Slovenia is a pretty small country but it has a lot to offer – Thriving nightlife, scenic nature and deep hospitality shown by locals. That is basically what we experienced during our trip to Slovenia at beginning of June this year. We genuinely had four days of stunning experiences in […]